SINGLE LISTING FILE Transaction Management & Virtual Real Estate Agent Service


Single File Listing/Virtual Assistant:
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eXp® Agents Price: $350


  • Coordinate Opening Escrow / Title
  • Review Purchase and Listing Agreements, Counter Offers, all Addendum
  • Ensure every contract is fully executed with proper dates, initials, signatures, and that the broker information is complete
  • Ensure Seller Disclosure Packages are 100% complete and current; Ensure Seller Disclosures are provided to buyer, and completed, within contract timelines
  • Prepare all Disclosures; including state, county, city specific and broker specific forms
  • Ensure buyer is provided a copy of all reports and booklets that are recommended or required
  • Upload all disclosures, documents and reports into online transaction management platforms (both our platform and brokerage specific if necessary) as they are received or after they are fully executed throughout the transaction
  • All documents are labeled and individually saved as per our compliance standard
  • Maintain constant contact with all parties involved for status updates as well as outstanding items: Use of Folio’s Transaction Timeline
  • Ensure that escrow is in receipt of Home Warranty Request or Invoice
  • Ensure that escrow is in receipt of all Commission Demands or Instructions
  • Create and Order any escrow / title amendments or demands
  • Track the Escrow for receipt of earnest money deposits, delivery and return of escrow packages, and delivery of HOA documents as applicable
  • Schedule all Appointments such as Home Inspections, Termite Inspections, Appraisals, cleaning, staging, photography, and Final Walk Through. 
  • In the case of a listing, we will enter property into the MLS, Upload all pictures, disclosures, virtual tours, maintain open house schedule, order installation of signs and posts, order all flyers as needed, and make all important updates to the MLS as needed
    • Open Escrow, Order Prelim, Contact all parties to introduce our company as your Transaction Assistant, Review all purchase agreements, counter offers, to ensure each document is fully executed, initialed, and signed
    • Supply executed purchase contract to all required parties, Enter all required information from accepted purchase contract into transaction management platforms, Order NHD, Prepare full disclosure packages as needed and prepare for electronic signature, Deliver and track all documents that must be reviewed and signed by accepted buyer
  • Fill out the Agent’s Visual Inspection report, based upon the notes that you provide
  • Establish a timeline, per deal, and follow up on all deadlines/contingencies, make updates to timeline as needed, communicate with all deadline/contingency related parties
  • Prepare offers for buyers, upon request, and after you supply terms and conditions (this service is mostly available for listing agents who are working with buyers for their listed property).
  • At the end of the escrow process we will request all closing docs from escrow and save them in the file.  Once all documents are processed and saved according to AFI’s strict standards, we will prepare the file for your broker or managers’ review.
  • Once the broker or manager reviews the file, signs off on the file, AFI will do one final inspection of the file, make sure it is stacked according to our standard, save file electronically, issue our AFI Certificate of Compliance, and send a copy the broker and agent for storage and reference purposes
  • Follow up on Agent Responsibilities: We will review all draft escrow documents, follow up on appointments as needed and all reports, review any request for repairs and related changes to contracts, follow up on the signatures for the final walk through.