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6 Ways To Better Connect With Real Estate Clients

The business of real estate is a personal one. Successful brokers understand that stable connections are key to becoming and remaining profitable. In many respects, selling the house is just the beginning of the relationship. Your goal should always be to show your clients that you care, and that you have a personal stake in their home ownership journey. Whether youíre new to the business, struggling in the business, or looking for ways to improve an already fruitful endeavor, these 6 tried-and-true ideas can help propel you to the next level.

1. Be Accessible

Accessibility is among the most important factors in establishing strong connections with clients. You can have all the knowledge and know all the legal jargon and loopholes; none of it matters to your clients if they canít reach you. Home ownership is an exciting and uncertain time for many clients. As a real estate broker, you provide a calming reassurance that everything will work out. An easily accessible agent is a hallmark of good business.

2. Remember Whatís Important To Them

You donít have to know every clientís history from birth to the present day, but it does help to remember important details from the conversations you have. Taking their ideas, concerns, and requests into consideration when purchasing a home shows that you pay attention to detail. It also allows you to help clients better plan and prepare for the immediate future in their new home, and improve their outlook on life in their new space.

3. Connect Them To Businesses and Events In Their Community.

Help your clients get acquainted to their new home and community by connecting them to the local economy and lifestyle. Directing them to businesses in the area helps them to quickly reestablish a normal routine, making them feel more ďat homeĒ in their new home. Also, guiding them to local events and activities can help them develop their own bonds within the community. A successful broker, in many ways, is also homeownerís concierge service.

4. Reward Them For Their Referrals And Repeat Business

Great brokers are great, thanks in no small part, to the referrals and repeat business of their clients. Show them you appreciate them by sending them gifts. You can send special-occasion cards, monetary gifts, or whatever else you desire. Remember, showing them you care is key. And it also helps them begin building bridges to businesses and activities in their new area. In some cases, repeats and referrals can account for nearly one-third of your business. It pays to give!

5. ďFun Night With Your Broker!Ē

This is a great way to check in with your clients before they buy a home. Itís also a nice gesture of generosity to them after the process is complete. Going out to eat, catching a local sporting event, or simply having a drink at a local bar, can have a profound impact on your relationship with your client. Giving them a glimpse of your life outside of your normal relationship shows them that youíre just as human as they are. It strengthens the personal business relationship.

6. Put Money In Their Pockets.

Do you have a client that owns a business? Do any of your clients have children doing school-based or athletic-based fundraisers? Know of any bake sales or chili cook-offs your clients are involved in? If so, look for ways to show support by putting money in their pockets. Itís like a referral rewards program on steroids! Youíre contributing directly to something they truly care about. Where you spend your money is a direct expression of whatís important to you. And when you spend it on your clients, you are showing that theyíre important to you.

The personal touch you provide as a real estate broker is unique and can make or break your business. Handing over keys and signing papers signals the beginning of what should grow to be a mutually beneficial relationship. It requires you to invest your time, money, and knowledge into the people who chose to invest the same into you. By implementing these 6 time-tested concepts, you can show that their investment in you was the right move.

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