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10 Best Reasons To Use a Transaction Coordinator

We all need a bit of help now and again. Wouldnít it be great to have an assistant to take care of all the little things we just didnít want to do or didnít have the time to do?

If you are a real estate agent considering whether or not using a transaction coordinator, the short answer is: Yes. The long answer is also yes, but we will provide some great reasons why. Here are a few reasons you need a transaction coordinator.†

What is a Transaction Coordinator?

A TC is someone who is an expert in real estate who will take care of your paperwork, organize your schedule, work as a liaison between clients and keep your time free to do more of what you want. In case you were wondering, hereís what you want.

On The First Day of Real Estate, My Transaction Coordinator gave To Me:

1. Time To Binge Watch My Favorite Show
Thatís right. While my TC is pouring over all my paperwork, you have popcorn, chips and ice cream. Youíre still in your jimjams because you can and youíre all spread out on the couch, surrounded by pet hair and chip crumbs and itís glorious.

2. Time For Family
You will have time to visit Grandma, see your kids play (damn!) host that neighborhood BBQ and get all over that ĎHoney-Doí list. (Double Damn!) Itís ideal if you have young kids or an ailing parent to care for.

3. Hit The Gym
Fitness takes a holiday when we are busy. Maybe you can squeeze in a few hours on the weights or the treadmill. Maybe you just want to enjoy the pool. Do it! Just keep your flip flops on in the shower.

4. Educate Yourself
Plenty of free time to take a new course in something. Expand your knowledge in new real estate trends, learn a new language for your next holiday or take a class in art history so you can be more pretentious at dinner parties.†

A few extra hours can be well spent taking a few continuing education courses. Learn to cook Italian, take a public speaking course or learn macrame and start making all the gifts on your Christmas list.

5. Less Stress
Letís face it, all of the tasks messing about with paperwork, all that taxation stuff ( ZZzzzZZZ *whistle* ZZzzzZZZ *whistle*) obnoxious clients who ask all those obnoxious questions and those weekends spent dragging them about. Skip it. Relax on the couch while your TC does that.

Less worry means less stress, so let someone else worry for a while. You can practice your yoga and deep breathing and forget about all that stuff for a while.†

6. See Your Friends
If your friends complain they never see you or you are surprised to find out someone got married or died, maybe itís time to get together with your friends and have a good catch up. See a ballgame, go to a concert, have a nice dinner out. Day drinking works, too.

7. Declutter Your Home
Did out those closets and all that junk youíve been hoarding. That old thigh master you never used and those shoes that never really fit anyhow. There is something very freeing when you get rid of your old bowling trophies and unicorn figurines.†

Maybe you could have a yard sale and make a few extra dollars, as well. One manís garbage and all that. Nothing will bring you back to earth faster than complete strangers trying to haggle over fifty cents or fingering your old clutch bags.

8. Revisit Your City
Take a stay-cation and visit your local museum, the theatre and even the farmerís market. Itís invigorating to rediscover your own city and you never know who you may meet.

9. Read
A peaceful day spent in faraway lands, on magic carpets or discovering who coshed the Colonel on the head. Books are the best escape. One Rule: You canít read anything work-related.

10. Rediscover You
Maybe itís been a long time since you just had a Ďyou dayí. Take a bath, close the curtains and hide out doing nothing. Eat ice cream right out of the carton, go see a movie matinee, ride your bike, walk the dog, day drinking is nice, as well.

Get Your TC on!

There you are! There are more than enough reasons to use your transaction coordinator. Start your own list of things you would do with all that extra time. Life is too short for paperwork.

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