Video Killed the Real Estate Star

Video has become an increasingly powerful tool in real estate with the advent of social media. Statistics vary as to the level of effetiveness, but there is no arguing that moving pictures draw attention and can generate site traffic leading to increased marketing productivity.

Agents can reach a much wider audience now that the impact of video with virtual showings has changed the game from even a few years ago.  It’s a good idea to increase your awareness and become more familiar with successful production tactics.

Imagery can be more powerful than just recording yourself or someone else talking.  It’s ok to sell yourself but also align yourself with your home and story with compelling visual backgrounds and relevant graphics. Plan the type of story you want to tell and then execute.

Many watchers will consume video without volume for various reasons. Be sure to use some text to get your message across. Use either short notes or subtitles that guide viewers along as they follow the video.

That said, Too much writing on the screen will make you lose the viewer. keep it brief and highlight key features of your story. cut anything that doesn’t enhance the story.

Just as with your overall real estate business, creativity is what will set you apart from your competitors. Find the most interesting footage that you can and produce something you want to express to compel your audience

Lastly remember your video could be seen and shared by people who may not have familiarity with you or your business so add your contact information. Your personal branding and of course company site / logo should be included somewhere such as in a screenshot at the end of the footage.

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