Thinking of Making the Move? Our Needs Analysis Will Help Show You Where You Want To Be

make a move chess bishop takes queen

Whether you’re a newer or established realtor, managing broker, home flipper, transaction manager, etc. your real estate license is your most valuable commodity. How you choose to spread that influence and monetize that value on a personal and professional level is of paramount importance.

It’s critical to take the time to find a company that speaks to your values as a businessperson, works with your needs and goals, and has a culture that fosters a work environment you’ll flourish in.

As agents, we probably already spend more time on the road than we’d like to. In this day and age individuals are considering the relative value proposition of the office environment when considering the best use of one’s time and place.

Cloud-based models are offering increasingly competitive service suites for entrepeneurs able to more independently establish their businesses. From a marketing standpoint these technologies allow you to network to an expanded sphere of influence.

Where are you at in your career arc and professional evolution? A realtor just starting out will be looking to acquire different kinds of knowledge and support than more established agents. A newer agent should allow sufficient time (up to 1 year) to expand your thought process around the various aspects of running your new business.

That means to start out you may want to align yourself with a more traditional brokerage that offers a good baseline of support to learn to understand the business and how to best leverage the newfound resources at your disposal. Those resources include lead generation strategies, marketing, learning about potential buyers, developing listing presentations and finding good service providers to name just a few.

A more established agent that has already successfully leveraged their landscape and has created and established their brand and clientele may be looking at a more evolved set of values. A more progressive brokerage proposition might offer such enticing added benefits as a higher comission split, lower cap, building a team and more ownership and revenue share opportunities at the brokerage level.

Understand yourself and your business and your own unique requirements and how to best meet them within an evolving real estate industry environment. This will go a long way toward achieving career growth, maintenance and satisfaction.

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