A Transaction Coordinator Will Allow Real Estate Agents to Improve Business Focus.

AFI releases the Agent of administrative responsibilities, allowing Agents to do what they do best: create relationships and drive new business.

The real estate agent is not a salesperson.  The real estate agent is a business development professional and a facilitator. 

As a business development professional, the real estate agent is always on the hunt for new business, cultivating current business relationships and ensuring they keep past clients happy.  The best way for a real estate agent to grow their brand is to commit themselves to business development.

As facilitator, the real estate agent manages the deal for their clients.  Managing the deal is everything from writing contracts, tracking signatures, developing disclosure packages, establishing and adhering to timelines, meeting deadlines, taking photos, hiring and managing vendors, driving around clients, negotiating and re-negotiating terms for a deal, cleaning windows and floors, managing the MLS…and on an on.

As a business development professional, earning and securing a deal requires a huge time commitment.  To be a truly effective facilitator of a deal, the time required to manage every single detail (from paperwork to the MLS) is unmanageable to most people. This takes a toll on a business.

Real estate agents are not sales people.  They are busy entrepreneurs who must work 24/7 to do what they love most: changing people’s lives with the purchase or sale of a home.  AFI can become more than a vendor for agents, we will be a partner.

Agent File is structured to free up time for the real estate professional so that they can concentrate on their core competencies of business development and not facilitating deals.  The time that an agent saves by deploying a TC Team to more effectively manage the facilitating aspect of their job can be reinvested back into the growth and impact of their brand.

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