Empower Your Business by Employing Transaction Coordination Services to Manage and Monitor Your Real Estate Files

All parties involved in a transaction: the Broker, the Counterparty, the Service Vendors and the Consumers will benefit from the services of AFI’s Transaction Coordinators with the immeasurable benefit of consistent and improved communication. 

Communication is the key to meeting timelines, to understanding the parameters and terms of the contract, and to ensuring that there are no unforeseen surprises.

How does the Agent File Transaction Coordinator Team inititate and control essential communication? Constant email updates and reminders to all relevant parties both prior to and at the appropriate time, phone outreach as needed (and always available if you or a client calls), and proactive monitoring of the file.

An aspect of communication that is often overlooked is the importance of setting appointments and the follow-up.  The Agent File TC Team believes in managing every aspect of the transaction, therefore they will communicate with vendors and actively seek their reports. 

Communication must be consistent and is the heart of closing any transaction.  There are hundreds of ways to communicate with our clients and AFI strives to find the ones that work for you and be consistent. This leads to maintaining a smoothness to our combined operation and allows you to focus on improving and growing your business.

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