Real Estate Agents Can Enhance Quality Control by Working with Agent File, Inc.

By working with AFI, Brokers and Businesses are able to centralize and standardize company procedures.

Agent File offers agents, brokerages and iBuyers a way to standardize their “processes.”

Many brokers have had systems that they have paid for but often do not maximize utilization of the software, or they decrease or avoid the system or software usage after a period of time.  Some brokers and brokerages have systems that they use but have trouble getting their agents to get with the program and enter data in a correct and timely manner.  Some brokers and businesses may not even know that one of their agents is in contract until the deal is almost closed. 

The iBuyer, an emerging institutional force in the real estate marketplace, has systems, teams, and various ideas about how to manage their real estate files, but face a challenge when it comes to confirming when their files are complete and ensuring that they are industrially and locally compliant. Their proprietary technology may not adequately manage their real estate files in a manner that will meet the demands of state regulatory compliance audit requirements.

Agent File has trained their local teams on every back-office program commonly used by real estate brokers.  We have also trained our local and virtual teams on what it means to close a transaction and to ensure that the file is “compliant.”  Our systems consider the state, county, city, and broker needs (as well as disclosures and contracts) to establish a compliance standard.

Agent File, Inc.’s geographically strategic TC Teams are well trained on local norms, local contracts and disclosures, back office programs for those real estate offices, and both specific and comprehensive compliance.

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