Consistent and Standardized File Management Systems Will Save You Money.

AFI will standardize your transaction process. Did you know many insurance companies offer reduced E & O premiums to Brokers that have standardized their transaction process?  Agent File will deploy a consistent and unified system across your entire brokerage or personal business.

Ever hire a new Transaction Coordinator? Yes? Then you know that it is a process that often takes weeks, if not months, to effectively train a new individual.  What transpires during this timeframe? Additional backlog is created on top of your existing workload that you have to personally manage before your new team member is functioning.

The new TC will do things differently and create variance that will need your attention no matter how precisely your prepare them for the role they will fill within your operation. Due to high turnover it is a painful process that may need to be repeated on a somewhat regular basis.

With Agent File, you will gain a permanent member of your team that will never leave.  You will always encounter a proven process that is complaint and audit-proof.  Over time your files will have a flow about them that will allow any auditor, or attorney, the ability to discover what they need with ease.

This highly secure file management and monitoring will provide you and your business with the confidence to continually engage your clients at a high level. If you farm out your E&O, it could very likely lead to a reduction in your costs as well.

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